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Breeding for conformation and fleece

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After 18 years in the alpaca business, I am moving back to my native Michigan, to be near my family in retirement.
I have enjoyed the alpaca experience very much and will miss them, but i need to find a good home for the entire herd.
You may purchase individual animals for 50% of the current list price or buy the entire herd for $4,950, OBO
Will finance

Crossroads Alpaca Farm, LLC is located in Southern Indiana, just across the river from Louisville, KY. I have well known and RARE ALIANZA lineage with lots of color.

I have bred for conformation and fleece. The fleeces grown here are fine with good crimp and long staple length. Those taken to AOBA Certified Alpaca Shows have always taken a ribbon. Their quality is high and of great value for their Alianza bloodlines!

The alpacas here are much loved and have received excellent care since the farm was started in 2000; they are gentle and easy to handle for shots, toe nail trimming, weighing, etc. and all but newly born are halter trained.

Please know that the prices offered here are not a reflection of the quality of the alpacas nor on the alpaca industry as there is great faith in alpaca farming and its future. It is rather the need to find good homes for our beloved alpacas as quickly as possible.

All offers will be considered and will finance.